About Crazy Possible

Crazy Possible invites viewers to journey along with a couple as they leave jobs and routines behind and seek answers on America's Continental Divide Trail. From the dramatic peaks of Montana’s Glacier National Park to the surreal deserts of New Mexico, the pair confront painful ascents, snowstorms, doubts, disagreements - and at least one bear – all in an attempt to reboot their lives.

Director’s Statement

Crazy Possible began for me as an experiment. I wanted to see how my approach to filmmaking changed when I became less precious about its production and allowed myself to walk into the woods without a shot list or crew, and just document.  Working first in rough segments that I edited quickly while travelling, I returned home having found what I was seeking: inspiration.  Edited as a 5-part mini-series, episodes are intentionally kept short honoring the freedom I found editing quickly while travelling. Post-production remained pretty bare-boned, though we were thrilled to be able to bring on composers and illustrators to compliment the unadorned cinematography. The result is my most light-hearted yet brutally honest project to date. 

Because it will come up...

....What, pray tell, is a Jankster?

A Jankster is one who gets by more through rough cleverness and A simple willingness to throw themselves into the fray rather than on the basis of any real physical, intellectual, or material advantage. 

Our Jankster mascot is The Fool from the Tarot as imagined by the wonderfully talented Virginia Marting. This card symbolizes beginnings and the wisdom and faith of undertaking a journey with all its hazards and pain but with your arms wide and head held high. There may be precarious cliffs ahead, but we Janksters are ready to embrace whatever comes our way. Each day, each journey, we begin with a bounce in our step and joy in our hearts.