Episode 1: The beginning

After months of preparations, Melissa and Dicky embark on their Crazy Possible journey, but immediately are challenged by the realities of quitting their regular lives for the solitude of nature. Find out what inspired the couple to leave their life in Portland behind and meet professional hiker, Whitney ‘All Good’ LaRuffa, who thru-hiked the Continental Divide Trail in 2016.

“Am I a big backpacker? Oh lord no.” Melissa


Episode 2: Montana

Glacier National Park gives the couple their first wins as well as dishes out their first set of #hikerlife challenges. Against a smoke filled sky from nearby wildfires, the duo vow to become Crazy Possible warriors and learn from their chosen suffering. 

“Still think this is a good idea?” - Dicky

Episode 3: Wyoming

Yellowstone lets the #hikerlife couple distinguish themselves from tourists. But bad weather and conflicting desires about why they are on this Crazy Possible journey keep them from experiencing the full splendor of the Wind River Range seeking out instead warmer pastures. Episode bonus, they find a hot springs waterslide.

“I think a lot of novices have very romantic ideas about sitting by a lake and reading a book in the afternoon, but when you’re a long distance hiker, there’s no time to stop and read a book.” - All Good

Episode 4: Colorado

Episode 4 opens in Canyonlands National Park with the couple determined to make the San Juan Mountains their CDT triumph. But Melissa is not up to the challenge of high altitude hiking and long-term travel as long-simmering tensions between the travelers come to a head.

“I asked for us to just go back to the car at this point. There’s enough that we don’t have together, that it doesn’t make sense for me to continue on.” - Melissa

Episode 5: Final chapter

After Melissa’s “Turtle Time” plan to save their trip gets rained out, the couple heads to New Mexico. News that Dicky’s film has finally been accepted into a film festival gives the trip a firm end date, adding pressure for the couple to find the answers they sought when they struck out on this “crazy adventure.” They hope their final backpack trip in Gila National Park will provide them with some much needed insights.

“We came up with goals at the start of the trip and now that we are reaching the end, we have some big conclusions to reach.“ - Dicky